Saturday, August 1, 2009

Amazing things happening in Ch*ina!!!

So as I start my journals from my trip, I first wanted to talk about some of the AMAZING people we met there. I so wish I could share the pictures so you could know who to pray for, but I don't want anything that I do to put these people into trouble, so I'm not going to post them on a public blog. Just trust me when I say that we met some of the most amazing people and we were all incredibly blessed by the time we spent with them, the stories they told us, and their FAITH in such a lost country. Let me begin with G. G was a woman who had a very good job. Then, 13 years ago, she adopted her beautiful daughter, H. I am guessing that something about that adoption opened her eyes to the need that out there... because a year later, she started her orphanage out of her two bedroom apartment. Over these past 12 years, she has had about 15-20 kids in the apartment. She pulled out a photo book to show us and as we flipped through the pages, we were all in tears. She pointed out how sickly the kids were... literally DYING. She took them in and they flourished in the home-like surroundings that G. provided. Many of those kids have since been adopted... the same kids that had no chance, that she was told to not even try... they would never make it were living in England, Canada, the US, etc... living normal lives as healthy kids... something you would never believe having looked at their picture from the day they came. G loved Jesus and it was evident. She said that no one understands WHY she does what she does. She said her answer is so obvious... if she didn't, they'd die. No one cares and if she didn't care for them, then no one would. I think that is an amazing woman... she is in her 60s and is living in a two bedroom apartment with 20 children. She does have a cook and two workers- one during the day, one at night. But, she's doing this because she adores her Creator and is listening to his command of caring for the ORPHANS in their distress!

We had a little schedule worked out... we'd come to the orphanage in the morning and leave as they were getting ready to eat lunch, so that they could eat and nap a little. Then we would go eat. After lunch, we'd come back to the orphanage until they were getting ready for dinner, so they could eat dinner and go to bed. Most of those meals, we had people to meet, which was so special. I had no idea that we were going to hear real-life stories from people who LOVE Jesus in a country that doesn't allow it. Ohh and how blessed I was by those stories. So let me tell you about S. and F.

We met S. and F. at a delicious restaurant, that we called, "The Green and White Restaurant." When you can't read Chinese, you come up with creative names like that ;). Anyway, just looking at the two young women, you could see a special spark in their eyes. Listening to their words, you could just see the passion they had for their Father. S. leads a "home club" in her apartment. Their are 80-90 people in regular attendance. Every. Single. Week. She said she has had to learn to TRUST. Her landlord knows, but has agreed to not say anything. God provided her with loud, gambling neighbors, so they never care about the noise. And so, each week, she and 80-90 other people worship HIM. However, because 80-90 people don't fit in her apartment, she is mentoring F. to follow her footsteps and lead another "home club." S. and F. were awesome to talk to. You listen to stories like those and jut kick yourself... at least I did. Because here we are, with a Church on every street corner and we take it so for granted. They have to risk everything and yet, the worship with passion and hearts overflowing with praise. Those are beautiful people.

One night at dinner, we met another lady, J. J. worked a lot with the college age kids, knowing that it's those kids that are going to soon define the generation. She works with them, loves on them, provides little meetings where they can "practice their English" and share the gospel with them, etc. For the past few years, she has felt called to go out west. However, it is very dangerous. She kept praying about it and asking Him to give her a clear answer. He kept doing things that were very clear signs to her. She is going out west THIS month... out to where their is death, fighting, killing, etc. She knows that she may die there... yet she said, that she will be dying for HIM, so she will die if that is His plan. I heard that and my eye welled with tears. You just don't hear that any more... you don't hear people risking everything, risking their lives for Him. PLEASE, PLEASE pray for J. as she goes later this month. She is an amazing woman and she soo needs those prayers.

We met a man who leads music at a "home club." An amazing, inspiring man... a man who wears a ring that says, "Fear God" in a country that doesn't allow Him. He's risking everything to lead music at a place where worshipping isn't allowed. Once again, I listened to this and wondered WHY I take WORSHIP and SINGING so for granted! Beautiful ways of praising Him...

Lastly, we met D. and Mr. J. We were once again inspired and brought to tears by them. Mr. J. has been beaten and jailed 7 times. The po*lice used to come to his daughters house weekly to search for him. He has just gone from place to place. He doesn't come out much and rarely shows his face in public... and yet, he came to dinner with us. Trusted us with the story of what our Father is doing in his life... in the life of running an under*ground sem*in*ary. So I tell you, if you ever hear someone say that there is no persecution in Ch*ina... don't believe it. That's just what they want us to think. But I can tell you firsthand that there is.

So I ask you to, as we would say, YARP. (think backwards... yes, we had to code everything having to do with Chris*tianity when we were there.)

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Today, my thoughts were confirmed at the Ur*gent Care. I have a staph infection. That wasn't really a surprise to me... I had a small bite looking thing on my neck on Monday, which turned red and hurt very bad. Then over the past few days, it has grown and formed a ring type thing around it... the symptoms matched up and I know that I was exposed in China. You see, I fell in LOVE with this precious little girl named "Ling Ling" while we were there. I am in tears even telling you about her... her sweet spirit, her spunk, her joy! My heart was in two as I held her on the last day, hugging her and whispering "wo ai ne" in her sweet little ears. Ling Ling had a staph infection, something that we discovered a few days into the trip. I knew she had it and I also knew that there was a chance I could get it... but what was I going to do? Not hold her or love on her because of it? That is not fair for her. So I did and even now, laying in my bed, my neck throbbing, I wouldn't trade that for the world. I was telling a friend about my staph infection and she asked how I got it. I explained that a little girl at the orphanage who I had definitely been close in contact to had one, and so I probably got it from her. She asked me why I was so close to her if I knew she had a staph infection... Even if I knew the pain that was to come, I wouldn't have changed a thing about my time with sweet Ling Ling. I hate that she has this intense pain spread out on her sweet little arms and legs. I hate that she had no Daddy to take her to the dr. like I did. I hate that she has no antibiotics that make it better in 3 days. Yet, despite the fact that she had the infection in a few different spots on her, she was constantly JOYFUL. She wasn't complaining of the pain, like I am. No.. instead, she was running around with a huge smile on her face... just thankful that she had people to love on her.

So I ask you to pray for my sweet little Ling Ling. That her infection would get better... and that some day, she WOULD have a Daddy to kiss her boo boos and bring her to the dr. to make her all better, although we know that it is her HEAVENLY dr. that truly heals every wound.

In a very strange way, I am almost thankful that God has let me experience the pain that she had while we were with her... a constant reminder of where I left my heart. And so with every throb that the infection brings, I will remember my precious Ling Ling... I so wish I could be with her, loving on her, and making the hurt go away.

Oh and for those of y'all wondering, YES I am going to journal all about the trip. I have just needed some time to get back to reality. Don't worry though... you're going to hear more than you ever wanted to about my AMAZING trip!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm home and I have so many pictures to share and stories to tell. We had the BEST time... more fun than I ever imagined, and at the same time, lots of work. We met some incredible people, cared for the sweetest kids, enjoyed fellowship and had fun! I cannot wait to tell you all about it... I was definitely feeling all the prayers and I thank you for those. God just worked out every little detail... as he always does.
I'm glad to be home, but definitely missing all the little sweeties that I fell in love with. I so wish we could've stayed longer... but it does feel good to be home!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Special Message From Emily!!

Hey All! Its Lexie here posting for Emily...

She has not been able to post from China because blogger is blocked. She sent me an email asking to post for her. I know that we all can't wait to hear about her time in China whenever she returns home...but for now, this will have to hold us all over!

Here is what she sent me:
We've been here for 3 full days now and are having an awesome time. HE is working here in amazing ways that I cannot wait to let you all know. Tomorrow (Monday here) is our last day in Liaoning and then we are headed to Beijing for some sightseeing and shopping! It's going to be soooo hard to leave all these kids tomorrow. I have fallen in love with all of them and could just take every single one home. Keep yarp ing (think backwards) for us! HE is really working! Can't wait to let you know more!

She'll be home soon! Everybody keep the prayers going for them...especially as they have to say goodbye to the little ones that they have fallen in love with (I know the feeling...and its awful!). Also, remember them as they are traveling!!!

Lexie (in place of Emily...)

Monday, July 13, 2009


Tues, July 14th: Fly to China

Wed, July 15: Arrive Beijing, Fly to Liaoning

Thurs, July 16: Visit Orphanage

Fri, July 17th: Orphanage, pm - meet up with students who want practice their English

Sat, July 18: Orphanage, more visiting with students

Sun, July 19: Orphanage

Mon, July 20: Orphanage, 2pm flight to Beijing, Tiananmen Square/shopping

Tues, July 21: Early morning to visit Great Wall, pm shopping

Wed, July 22: Sightseeing, 6:15 pm flight home

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Orphan Lovin'

As most of you know, on July 14th (2.5 days from now!!!!!!!!) I'm taking the 14+ hour flight to China for the third time! The first question I have gotten from basically everyone is, "are you getting ANOTHER child?" So I'm going to answer that right now... sadly, no, although I know I'm going to want to sneak a sweetie home with me!

But this blog is all about THIS trip to China. This amazing, awesome chance that I have to live out James 1:27!

I'll be going with my two aunts (my dad's sisters). One of them lives in At*lanta, and it is her Church that works with the organization we are going with. Another girl who is a few years older than me (and a family friend of my aunt, who I've met before) is going, as well as the group leader, who is on staff of the organization we are going with. So it's a small group, but I know we are going to have the most amazing time and I cannot WAIT to see the ways in which our Father works during the week we are there!!

So, what exactly are we doing? We're doing some orphan-lovin'! We'll be in the Liaoning province, working with a small special needs orphanage, which I cannot go into much detail about. I know my heart is just going to break taking care of those precious kids and I know that I will never be the same as a result. I also know that I will never look at my precious sisters' adoptions the same way and I cannot wait to experience firsthand what they spent the first year+ of their lives as.

So right now, I ask you to PRAY. Pray for our trip. Pray for safe travels, for none of us to have to be quarintined in Beijing (due to the swine flu), pray for God to MOVE in amazing ways. Pray that every orphan would feel LOVED and CHERISHED and that we would be heartbroken for the need around the world!

The truth is that there are 187+ MILLION orphans around the world. They all need prayer, they all need families, they all need to feel LOVED. I cannot wait to show them that love, even if it is just for a week.

Love to you all and thanks for following along! Hopefully I'll be able to post and keep you all updated from China! I'll post our itinerary soon :)